Group shot of products and tools for heirloom redesign - Clio Saskia

Remodelling inherited or vintage jewellery can be an incredibly rewarding process, breathing new life into rarely-worn, outdated pieces of jewellery. The redesign process is a real collaboration between designer and customer to create a new design, unique to the wearer, from sentimental heirlooms.

There are a number of ways to work with heirloom jewellery, such as taking inspiration from the design, reusing old gemstones or old settings in a new piece, or melting everything down and starting from scratch. All redesigns are unique to the customer, and I am passionate about creating jewellery which represents and enhances the personality of the wearer.

If you are considering redesigning a piece of jewellery I would be delighted to discuss your ideas over the phone or via a virtual video call. Please email to arrange.


Kate & Kyle

Heirloom sapphire and diamond cluster ring, inherited from her grandmother. Redesign inspired by the original ring, reimagined in a modern version using original diamonds and a vibrant new Australian sapphire.

kate & kyle heirloom ring, before

kate & kyle heirloom redesign, design sketch


Alix & Sarah

Inherited handmade cluster ring in yellow gold with white gold setting. Redesigned into a playful cocktail ring with large central citrine and halo amethysts.

alix and sarah heirloom ring, before

Sarah and Alix heirloom redesign - cluster cocktail ring



Heirloom Georgian-style pendant with varied rose cut diamonds. Redesigned into dramatic diamond, pearl and emerald drop earrings in white gold.

frances heirloom redesign, rose cut diamond pendant before

frances heirloom redesign, drop earrings design sketch



Inherited star sapphire, which was loose in the original ring. Redesigned into a fantastical Sea Dragon Ring, inspired by this musician's family.

alan heirloom redesign with star sapphireAlan heirloom redesign with star sapphire, sea dragon ring