Science & Nature

Clio was brought up in the Netherlands, in a household where curiosity and exploration were encouraged. No question was stupid, no observation a waste of time. As the child of a scientist she developed a keen investigative mind, spending entire summers immersed in forests and rockpools. This curiosity and attention to detail, coupled with a formal training in art, informs Clio's design process.


At 19, Clio left the Netherlands to study Contemporary Sculpture and Fine Art at Camberwell College, University of the Arts in London. Here, critical reading around traditional and contemporary concepts of beauty, status and identity helped in forming a deep understanding of jewellery and adornment. At Camberwell, and in subsequent professional training as a Jeweller, her practice has emphasised traditional carving, lost wax casting and mould-making.

Sapphire mining

In 2015, Clio moved to the Australian outback to gain first-hand experience of ethical mining practice, staking a small claim in the Gemfields in Queensland, Australia. Here she spent 6 months mining by hand for sapphires and other gemstones, a few of which are still available for bespoke commissions. By using these and recycled, ethically sourced and Fairtrade metals and gemstones, Clio is making efforts to positively contribute to the jewellery industry's environmental impact. Suppliers and partners are also carefully selected in accordance with these values.

Formal Jewellery Education

On returning to London, Clio specialised in bespoke work for a number of years before graduating with a Level-3 Jewellery Manufacturing diploma from the British Academy of Jewellery. After gaining industry experience as a workshop manager for a fine jeweller on the Strand in London, Clio was awarded a place on the highly regarded Setting Out Program at the Goldsmiths' Centre.

Clio Saskia

In 2020 Clio launched her eponymous brand, Clio Saskia, alongside her first collection, Wild Things, proudly made using 100% recycled 18ct gold and ethically sourced, traceable gemstones. Continuing to focus on bespoke design and handmade fine jewellery, her work celebrates natural stones set in unique textures, forms and creatures from the natural world.

Clio's work has won awards, been featured at exhibitions including The Jewellery Cut Live, Trove and Shine, and in magazines such as Elle, Solstice, Boyfriend Magazine and many more.

Bespoke and collection pieces are available via her website, and her work is also represented by a number of UK galleries:
Tomfoolery, Gill Wing Jewellery, URSA London, Rockin and Seekd.