Since 2015, Clio has specialised in creating one of a kind bespoke and jewellery, and objets d'art for her clients.

Whether you are interested in creating a completely unique piece of jewellery, or update a loved heirloom, Clio works sensitively with clients to create highly personal, unique jewellery to be treasured for generations.

Custom & Bespoke Jewellery Design

How does it work?

Bespoke Jewellery Specialist


The bespoke jewellery design process starts with an introductory call or studio visit to discuss your ideas. Working to your brief, Clio develops a selection of initial design sketches and provides a quote estimate for you, followed by detailed drawings of the design.

Once all details are agreed on, Clio crafts your unique piece of bespoke jewellery by hand in her London studio.

Explore the subjects below to learn more about the bespoke process.

Is bespoke expensive?

Clio works on a variety of bespoke projects, ranging from one-of-a-kind statement jewels to engagement and wedding rings. Bespoke commissions start from £3,000 with a timeline of 8+ weeks.

The first introductory appointment (virtual or in person) to discuss design ideas is complimentary, and once your requirements are finalised a design and stone sourcing deposit of £250 is kindly requested. This is non-refundable, and covers all the design sketches and stone sourcing until the design is finalised. Once the final design is chosen and the quote agreed upon, a 50% deposit for your piece is kindly requested. The final balance is paid upon completion of your piece, to the agreed timeline. You are invited to the studio to collect your bespoke jewellery piece, or shipping via insured postal delivery is arranged.

How Much do i need to know about jewellery?

Clio works with both experienced clients and clients who are completely new to the bespoke design process. Whether you would like design guidance in realising an initial idea, or you have a clear concept of what you want, Clio loves to work collaboratively with clients to create meaningful and personalised designs.

Alongside fully bespoke jewellery design, Clio works on a wide variety of custom designed versions of her pieces, and heirloom redesigns using gemstones and precious metals from old jewellery to create modern versions of sentimental pieces.

How long does a bespoke design take?

The bespoke jewellery process generally takes from 4-16 weeks depending on the complexity of the design, chosen materials and processes used to create your piece.

If you are working to a deadline or special occasion please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your timeline.

Payment plans are available upon request.


Is Bespoke for you?

Specialising in bespoke and custom jewellery design, Clio works on both traditional and contemporary designs and all forms of jewellery. Alongside creating completely new pieces, Clio also work with clients on heirloom redesigns to give much-loved pieces a new lease of life. Every project is different, and bespoke designs are always approached as a unique collaboration between Clio and her clients.

Bespoke design offers a unique opportunity to work alongside an expert to realise your most personal ideas, and celebrate life's milestones with a unique piece of jewellery to bring you joy for many years to come.

Wishbone Speckled Wedding Ring - CLIO SASKIA

Frequently asked questions


Is Clio Saskia jewellery made in London?
Yes, all of Clio's pieces are designed and made in our London studio. We work alongside a number of expert tradespeople, all of whom are based in the local area. All pieces are Hallmarked in London in accordance with the legal Hallmarking Act 1973.

How much does a bespoke engagement ring cost?
Bespoke engagement rings start from £2000, and we carefully work to your individual budget.

Is Clio Saskia's jewellery ethically made?
Yes, all of our materials are ethically sourced with careful consideration for the environment. We use 100% recycled gold and responsibly-sourced gemstones in all of our designs.

What is the difference between 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct gold?
The gold karat (ct) indicates the percentage of pure gold within a metal alloy. 24ct is 100% pure gold, 18ct contains 75% pure gold, 9ct contains 37.5% pure gold. The rest of the metal is a mix of copper and silver.

Can I design my own piece of jewellery?
Absolutely - we can offer as much or as little guidance in the design process as you like, alongside offering expert advice on wearability and longevity.

What is a blood diamond?
A blood diamond is a stone which has come from areas of social unrest, or unregulated work environments. None of the coloured gemstones and diamonds used in my work come from these dangerous environments, and all are guaranteed to come from ethical sources.


Toi et Moi Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Teal sapphire and cognac diamond in recycled 18ct gold.

J and C met in France, and the serendipitously named ‘Toi et Moi’ design was immediately a favourite. Passionate about traceability, Joe fell in love with this amazing teal sapphire, which comes from my own tiny mining claim in the Gemfields in Australia - as traceable as it gets! The autumnal cognac diamond is from Botswana, and together they are just magic.


Golden Textured wedding ring set

After proposing to R with a bespoke Clio Saskia sapphire engagement ring, M & R returned together for their wedding rings. As the first piece of jewellery M has ever worn, he bravely chose a beautiful wide, textured gold ring band with philodendron carved texture to match R's engagement ring.

R dreamed of a fitted wedding ring with sapphires, which would highlight the saturated teal and blue colours of her engagement ring. We settled on a combination of trillion and baguette sapphires, which nestle together as a stunning wedding set.



"Joe & I selected this stunning oval teal sapphire for him to propose with, as he wanted to give Inas the freedom of designing her dream ring. Inas had a clear idea of the style of ring she loves - modern antique - which was a fantastic starting point, and she knew she wanted to incorporate diamonds and yellow gold into the design.

The result is this absolute knockout of an engagement ring, made in recycled platinum and 14ct yellow gold. Set with sparkling diamonds, the platinum rays with milgrain highlight this incredibly special sapphire."

Hannah & Nico

Teal Sapphire Bespoke Trilogy Ring

"For this special engagement ring, Hannah selected three stones from her home country, Australia. The central teal sapphires is one from my own small mine site, which was unearthed using only hand tools in 2015. The sapphires are set in recycled 18ct yellow gold, which is finished with a delicate engraved texture to bring the gold to life."

Joe & Izzy

Bespoke Wedding Rings

"After celebrating the birth of their first child, Joe & Izzy decided it was time to tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony, surrounded by loved ones (and plenty of champagne!). We discussed their passions, careers, and personal style, before settling on a matched pair of hammered wedding rings made from the same bar of gold.

Izzy loves delicate jewellery with a bit of sparkle, so we selected a petite ring band with a half eternity of ethically sourced diamonds. Joe loves to wear a smart, fashionable suit, so his ring is fully textured with flowing hammer marks which catch the light and bring the gold to life. Fully handmade in recycled 14ct yellow gold."


22ct gold wedding ring with heirloom diamonds

"James, a fifth generation antiques expert with a fantastic personal style, is a lover of fine craftsmanship. James had his heart set on a handmade wedding ring in a warm-toned yellow gold, and we scoured all the various gold alloys to find the perfect colour. No surprises, this gorgeous 22ct yellow gold was the winner.

As a craftsman with a keen interest in antiques and jewellery, James wanted his ring to reflect this historical craft. We settled on a softly textured hammered finished, and left these beautiful raw edges to showcase delicious materiality of the 22ct gold.

Secretly nestled into the edge of the ring are two heirloom diamonds, representing James & Agostina joining together in marriage, which are taken from a much-loved ring worn by James's mother."

James & Alicia

Parti-Sapphire Timeless Engagement Ring

"Alicia fell in love with this incredible green and yellow parti-sapphire, faceted in a geometic emerald cut. As the stone itself is so unique we chose a modern, classic ring style to show it off. Completely handmade in recycled 18ct yellow gold with square claws and a smooth round ring band."

Max & Sophie

Interlocking Emerald Engagement Ring & Jacket

"Inspired by their world travels together, Max selected an incredible Columbian emerald for this unique engagement ring set. As emeralds are not recommended for everyday wear, we designed a jacket for Sophie to wear every day, which can be worn with the solitaire or on its own.

The two rings fit seamlessly together in an interlocking design, and we are creating another diamond solitaire as a wedding ring, to be worn interchangeably with the emerald solitaire."

Emily & Jac

Side-Set Eternity Engagement Ring

"Natural green Australian sapphires sparkle in this combined engagement and wedding ring for Emily. Inspired by Jac's upbringing and their current hometown Sydney, Jac chose a beautiful selection of natural, untreated green sapphires. To match Emily's laid-back style the ring is designed with a sleek matte gold finish, and the stones are set along the edge as a personal, hidden detail. "

R & C

Bespoke Wedding Rings

"Expecting their first child, R & C decided to put a ring on it and celebrate the next step in their relationship. We created a classic handmade wedding ring in 18ct yellow gold with a soft ring profile for R. For C, we created a new Bowerbird Trilogy Ring in 18ct yellow gold with a beautiful central teal sapphire and complimentary green accent sapphires."

Agostina & James

Fancy Yellow Diamond and White Gold Ribbon engagement Ring

"James unexpectedly proposed to Agostina on Christmas Day, and tied a beautiful gold ribbon around her finger in place of a ring. This ribbon served as the starting point for our design, and I used imprints from the real ribbon to form this unique white gold engagement ring.

Agostina chose a sunny fancy yellow diamond as a reminder of her home town in Sardinia, which is elegantly held in place between the two ribbon strands."


Molten Lava-Inspired Wedding Rings

"Shaili & Ville approached me with a rough concept, knowing they both have very different personal styles that they wanted to combine in their matching wedding rings.

The final hand carved his and hers wedding rings are made in recycled 14ct yellow gold, inspired by flowing lava and their zest for life and exploring the world together."


Whiskey Barrel Signet Ring with Bespoke Engraving

"To celebrate Sebastian's 30th birthday his parents approached me to design and create a special signet ring. As a distiller, a whiskey barrel was the perfect form to take inspiration from for this white gold ring.

Sebastian's previous career as an officer in the Royal Navy took him on journeys across the globe, which is represented by the charging battleship on the face of the ring. After retiring from this, he moved into wine making, followed by distilling - these professions are intertwined, so the illustration shows grape vines growing out from the pot stills."


Classic Modern Wedding Rings

"With a fascination for the natural world and a modern aesthetic, Marie & Christian came to me with a clear brief: classic his and hers rings with a Clio Saskia twist.

Handmade in recycled 18ct yellow gold with beautiful single and double engraved milgrain details."

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