Recycled 18 karat gold drop earrings with green and blue sapphires, worn by a model. Made by Clio Saskia

Designed & Handmade in London

Welcome to the world of Clio Saskia, designer and maker of exotic animal-inspired fine jewellery bringing weird and wonderful treasures to life. Craftsmanship combined with a playful aesthetic showcases the natural world in all its glory. 

Greetings to the adventurous, the curious, the wonderers, the daredevils, the explorers, the seekers, the collectors, the pioneers, the romantics and the homebirds of paradise.

Lizard (bearded dragon) inspired large 18k gold shield ring by Clio Saskia

Where the wild things are

Wildness should not be tamed, and so Clio Saskia celebrates and empowers all that is wild, weird and wonderful. 

Vivacious and characterful jewellery reveals aspects of our personalities, sharing unspoken elements of identity with the world. In Clio's creations natural textures combine with intense colours to create vibrant miniature artworks, celebrating unexpected creatures found deep under the sea and high up in the jungle canopy.

Defying conventions of traditional jewellery design and perfecting a uniquely detailed and playful aesthetic, Clio Saskia creations are instantly recognisable. In joining a rich history of animal inspired jewellery across the globe, Clio's dream was to find a new voice and share a fresh perspective on this age-old tradition. Her new collection, Where The Wild Things Are, does just that.

All of Clio's jewellery is made using 100% recycled metals, and ethically sourced & Fairtrade gemstones from traceable sources.


Discover treasures actively winding their way around fingers, ears and clothes, gleaming with movement, textures and gemstones