Bermuda Lizard Double Ring



The one-of-a-kind statement Bermuda Lizard Double Ring. This unique piece is handcarved in Clio Saskia's London studio, made using solid recycled 18ct yellow gold. This wearable miniature sculpture is designed to weave and glide its way across two fingers, meaning it can be worn in a multitude of ways. 

This statement double ring features a pavé of beautiful, bright red garnets that lead on to an array of colourful Australian sapphires set in its belly. The lizard's eyes are cabochon sapphires, which were discovered in the Australian Gemfields in 2016 by Clio, and cut in the UK. Inspired by one of the most endangered lizards in the world, the Bermuda Rock Lizard, which has a pale yellow and green belly, an orange/red throat patch, and in little hatchlings, a bright blue tail.

This Bermuda Lizard Double Ring is available in ring size R, and is available for immediate delivery. 

For bespoke sizing, customisation and any other enquiries, please email us at

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