This serpentine Gold Snake Ring is crafted in solid 18ct yellow gold and set with a natural, traceable blue sapphire from Australia. This blue sapphire ring is designed to be worn across all four fingers as a golden knuckleduster, weaving and gliding its way across the hand. 

Fitted to the wearer's hand, this custom jewellery piece can be customised with unique sapphires, or created as a specific species of snake. Inspired by the characterful arboreal serpent, the Green Cat Snake, found elegantly furled around branches and leaves.

Clio Saskia is the designer and maker of nature inspired jewellery, hancrafted in her London studio.

Size Medium ready to ship, 3-5 day UK delivery.
Other sizes made to order, 6-8 weeks. 

For bespoke sizing and any other enquiries, please email us at

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