Discover the story behind Clio Saskia's evocative fine jewellery,
celebrating our weird and wonderful world. 


Clio's beliefs are this: the things we choose to wear become part of our identities, and they reveal our personalities. Jewellery in particular, as it is made from precious materials and often marks important life experiences, carries great emotional value for us. 

This idea is at the very heart of everything created at Clio Saskia. Clio's jewellery is crafted to be treasured and loved, designed to be rich in character so as to reflect personalities, using materials chosen with careful consideration for our environment.

Clio’s voice defies conventions of traditional jewellery design and perfects a uniquely detailed and playful aesthetic. Through this Clio shares her wonder and fascination with discoveries from nature, joining the age-old tradition of representing the natural world in adornment.

Her enthusiasm, curiosity and her weird and wonderful creations won Clio a place on the highly respected Setting Out Program at the Goldsmiths' Centre in Hatton Garden, culminating in her debut collection: Where The Wild Things Are.


Clio was brought up in the Netherlands, in a household where curiosity and exploration were fully encouraged. No question was stupid, no observation a waste of time. As the child of a scientist it is no surprise Clio developed a keen investigative mind, spending entire summers immersed in forests and rockpools.

Without a doubt, this upbringing had a long-lasting influence on Clio's design process, helping her to developed an acute sense of observation alongside expanding practical skills and techniques to create intricate, detailed miniature sculptures.


Supporting ethical approaches and eliminating human rights violations and environmental damage caused by industry practices is a goal which has been set from the moment Clio decided to start her own business. By using recycled, ethically sourced and Fairtrade metals and gemstones Clio Saskia is making a positive contribution to the jewellery industry. Suppliers and partners are carefully selected in accordance with these values.

In order to understand the processes associated with extraction of raw materials Clio spent 6 months in Australia, gaining valuable first-hand experience of the benefits that ethical mining practices can have for surrounding towns and wildlife. 

Another, often overlooked, aspect of the jewellery industry is the support of local, skilled craftspeople. All manufacturing processes for jewellery created by Clio Saskia are kept within the UK, many of them within walking distance of Clio's London studio. We choose to work alongside companies who, first and foremost, value and respect our natural world. 


At 19, Clio left the Netherlands to study Contemporary Sculpture and Fine Art at Camberwell College, University of the Arts in south London. Critical reading around the concepts of beauty, status symbols and identity helped in forming clear opinions on the subjects of jewellery and adornment. Clio learnt the processes of traditional carving, lost wax casting and mould-making to create work, which posed questions around traditional and contemporary concepts of beauty.

Since graduating in 2013 Clio's practice has developed, taking part in exhibitions, international residencies, technical courses, workshops, teaching and working as a technical support assistant at the University of the Arts. The subject of adornment and its relationship with our personal identity was a particular focus for the final year of her degree, and a big influence on Clio's focus shifting from fine art to fine jewellery. The vibrant and contrasting cultures found in London have had a strong impact on the expressive and characterful subjects found in Clio's work.  

With a passion for craftsmanship and a natural tact for precision, Clio quickly developed into an accomplished jeweller, exploring new techniques late into the night after work. After graduating with a Level 3 Jewellery Manufacturing diploma from the British Academy of Jewellery, Clio worked as a workshop manager for a jewellers on the Strand in London before starting her own business, Clio Saskia.

Our customers can enjoy their jewellery with a clear conscience and a happy heart, knowing we are doing everything we can to run an ethical, conscientious business.