Welcome to Clio Saskia's world of wonders. Wildness is often perceived as something to be feared, but Clio Saskia celebrates all that is wild, weird and wonderful. Playful and characterful designs reflect our own personalities and behaviours to create incredibly emotive and personal jewellery. 


Seaweed Earring Model

Celebrating the Weird and Wonderful

With a rich history of animal-inspired jewellery spanning centuries it has been a fun challenge to find a new voice and share a fresh perspective on this age-old tradition of representing the natural world in adornment. Defying conventions of traditional jewellery design and perfecting a uniquely detailed and playful aesthetic has culminated in Clio Saskia's first collection, Where The Wild Things Are

Clio was brought up in a household where curiosity and exploration were fully encouraged - no question was stupid, no observation a waste of time. As the child of a scientist it is not surprising Clio developed a keen investigative mind,  spending entire summers immersed in forests and rockpools. Without a doubt, this upbringing is a clear and central influence on her design process. She has developed an acute sense of observation, mastered intricate sculpting techniques and continues to find immense joy in sharing her discoveries.



Ethics and Sustainability

As creators of fine jewellery our company relies heavily on mined materials such as precious metals and gemstones. We promote ethical industry practices by using recycled and ethically sourced metals and gemstones, and our partners are carefully selected in accordance with this. In order to understand the process of extracting the raw materials used in our jewellery Clio spent 6 months in Australia, gaining invaluable first-hand experience of ethical mining practices. We work alongside companies who, first and foremost, value and respect our natural world. 


Fairtrade gemstones and supporting the welfare of miners - picture from Australian mine site


A percentage of our profits are also donated to a variety of charitable organisations supporting conservation of wildlife in our forests, jungles and seas. Our customers can enjoy our jewellery with a clear conscience and a happy heart, knowing we are doing everything we can to run an ethical, conscientious business.